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Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, names child “X Æ A-12”

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Baby names, contrary to how it may seem on the surface, can stir up quite a few debates and meme trends on the Twitterverse. A few years ago, it was actor Saif Ali Khan naming his son ‘Taimur’ that caused a furore on Twitter. Celebrity-cum-socialite Kim Kardashian, also got trolled massively for naming her first-born, ‘North’ West.

From Cardi B and Gwyneth Paltrow naming their kids ‘Kulture’ and ‘Apple’, to Jason Lee calling his newborn ‘Pilot Inspektor’, Hollywood celebs often go for out-of-the-box names for their tiny tots.

Now, it’s tech mogul and Tesla co-founder Elon Musk whose baby-naming skills, let’s just say, have left Twitterati less than impressed. The Space X CEO named his newborn ‘X Æ A-12’, which, on the first look, appears like a random sequence of numbers, but as Musk’s significant other Grimes says, each character has a significance and represents something important.

At first, everybody thought this was a joke while reserving some sentiment for his weirdness. But a few hours later, his girlfriend and the mother of the child, Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) affirmed the name in a Twitter post.

For starters, one can’t help but empathize with the struggle of the school teachers of the young boy who would have a hard time trying to pronounce his name during the roll call. Or perhaps, one can relate to the poor boy who would, in all probability, have to go on explaining his rather lengthy and convoluted name each time he meets someone.

Is this a joke? This is a rhetorical question for anyone familiar with Musk’s weirdness while people in doubt may have to wait until the future to confirm.

On Twitter, he is regarded as a “Meme Lord” because of his sarcastic posts and meme uploads.

According to AFP, this is Grimes’ first child, while Musk already has five sons. He has been divorced three times — twice from the same woman.



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