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The List, The growing Gap and The Call to Fill It

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This list got me thinking; most people lose their fortune in a divorce saga in first world countries. But how does one go through a divorce in such a country and still remain the richest man in the world with another person’s net worth as the gap between him and the second richest person.

The divorcee is now the 13th richest person in the world. That’s not even all. The shocking thing is that the wealth of the first ten (10) person’s on this list put together is richer than eighty five countries combined.

Top ten billionaires richer than entire countries – Daily Mail Feb 2020

Just yesterday, owning about 20.8% of Tesla stock increased Elon Musk wealth by $6bn making him richer than the world’s renowned legendary Investor Warren Buffet.

The Gap is real and it’s so much especially for those in third world or under-developed countries.

As much as i love and value Mr Dangote’s contribution to the Nigerian economy, i can’t help but think about us young entrepreneurs. How do you take your little idea or business from where it is to the heights this giants have reached?

We all have that dream but once your light starts to shine, these giants come to buy your lights out. That’s if most of us even get to the point where our lights will be noticed.

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This sometimes, is due to the nature of our country or immediate environment. Much of what is appreciated elsewhere isn’t in our beloved fatherland.

I can’t help but what wonder what the fate of Tesla would be today, had it been borne in the mind of a child from a low income background in Nigeria.

Some would say the idea would have made he or she stand out. This is quite true. However, another angle we can play is it’d have probably died because we can barely charge our phones let alone drive around in electric cars.

Also, in an environment where it’s hard to share an idea with other people without them stealing it, someone else would probably have just swooped in to buy or steal the idea.

In recent times, just a few months ago, a developed country spent millions of dollars to develop a COVID-19 awareness, tracking and social distancing app. You’d be surprised to know such an app already existed and was built by a team in Warri, Delta State Nigeria. Why isn’t it making waves? Well, your guess is as good as mine; the nature of our country hasn’t enabled that app to shine.

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This has left majority of our highly talented and brilliant youths with no option but to dream less. Now we have creative minds using their creativity for small scale endeavors; it’s either we’re selling clothes, hairs, food, or something on the platforms of this giants creating the gap. We’ve got brilliant ladies twerking for giveaway prizes on such platforms and intelligent guys doing what they think they need to do to survive.

One can’t even see the big picture anymore because the issues of the now are so much to deal with. Our ideas which are good now actually seem like a means to just survive.

So when a friend of yours says they seek to leave the country to another place, i guess you shouldn’t judge them anymore. Because the saying that “If you can’t survive in Nigeria, you wont make it anywhere else is a complete hoax”. But then again surviving anywhere isn’t entirely dependent on environment.

While it plays a vital role, one should always remember that greatness starts from the mind. So as you go about your little or small hustle just to make ends meet, please do remember the big picture.

There’s a huge gap, and except the world ends – it’s left to our generation to fill it.


  1. For the fact that foreign investors still come to Nigeria to open companies and trade, it shows they see something in Nigeria..something our failed government has blinded us to see


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