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The Misconception and Lifestyle of an Introvert.

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Very often, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding introverts – they’re assumed to be snubs, antisocial, unfriendly or lonely.They get misjudged for being terrible at communication, building relationships and making connections. Why is this? Because they don’t seek out conversation or interaction in a crowd or gathering.

Psychologist Carl Jung in his personality theory described an introvert as a person whose interest is generally directed inward towards his own feelings and thoughts as opposed to an extrovert who directs his feelings outwards – towards other people.  He also described them as people who prefer minimally stimulating environments and time alone to recharge.

But being an introvert isn’t as muggy as it’s described to be. It’s not really about how much you like being around people. If truth be told, introverts have been known to make quality friends; since they get exhausted from being around people – they choose their friends wisely.

An introvert is more at ease by spending time alone – reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music or spending time with a very small intimate group of people.

Here are some benefits of being an introvert:

They’re good listeners

Introverts are generally known to be quiet, so they’re naturally proficient at listening actively. In a conversation, they strive to understand what people are communicating and this allows them to offer meaningful insight when they respond. This trait makes them very good confidants.

They are astute

Because introverts are known to be observant and deliberate in formulating their thoughts before airing them – they are put at an advantage of making better decisions, problem solving and assessing other people.

They cultivate deep connections

Introverts require social interaction just as many people do. But they are very selective in who they allow into their world.They would rather have a few close, trusted friendships to invest their time and energy in, as opposed to a superficial acquaintance. So the relationship they do form are treasured and nurtured.

Alexandra Ejiofor
Writer, PapercodePost


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